Amanda’s Favorite Springtime Book Covers

Hi, lovelies! I haven’t done a post about book covers in quite a while. I thought it would be fun for me to share some book covers that scream spring to me. I’m going to share some covers in two parts. The first part will be books that I’ve read (and they’re on this list because I recommend them!) and the second will be books I have not read yet, but want to. There are so many great covers out there and I really had fun finding some that reminded me of spring.

Books I’ve Read

I was not surprised to find quite a few romance novels that had covers that would work for this post. I really enjoyed all three of these. They were all really fun stories.

These fantasy covers feel a little obvious with all the flowers, but they’re just so stunning that I had to include them.

Full Flight and You’ve Reached Sam are both books that you’re going to need to have some tissues while you read. The Nature of Witches was a magical and emotional story. I just love the colors and nature elements of these covers.

Books on my TBR

I love book covers that have plants or creepy nature on them.

I love a good illustrated cover and these three are all stunning.

I don’t usually like faces on book covers but I actually love these. There’s something about the flowers that add to the mystery of the story inside with maybe a hint of magic.

Do you have a preference for book covers? Do you like illustrated covers or more realistic ones?

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

7 thoughts on “Amanda’s Favorite Springtime Book Covers

  1. What an absolutely gorgeous collection of covers. I don’t think I can pick a favorite, but WE WERE RESTLESS THINGS has really caught my eye. That’s one that makes you look a second, third time to understand what you’re looking at.

  2. I’m definitely all for illustrated book covers! 🙂 I remember enjoying ‘Silver in the Wood’ but I haven’t read the sequel yet (it’s on my Kindle.)

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