Summer Book Covers

Hello, lovelies! I had so much fun making my Spring Book Covers post that I thought I would do it again for some books that have covers with summer vibes.

Books I Want to Read

I feel like all three books are obvious as to why they feel like summer-y books covers.

Something about the water feels like summer to be and I know it’s magic or whatever on the Witchlings cover, but it fits the vibe of the other two.

Sunsets and water colors. What else could scream summer like these do?

Books I’ve Read

Sunsets just feel like summer to me. There’s nothing like spending time in some warm weather with a beautiful view.

These middle grade covers give me all the summer vibes. The stories inside would be great summertime reads too.

These illustrated covers all popped out at me while I was searching for covers for this post. They also just look really good together.

Do you have any book covers that make you think of summer?

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

Have any thoughts?

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