We Regret To Inform You by Ariel Kaplan

GoodReads Summary:
Mischa Abramavicius is a walking, talking, top-scoring, perfectly well-rounded college application in human form. So when she’s rejected not only by the Ivies, but her loathsome safety school, she is shocked and devastated. All the sacrifices her mother made to send her to prep school, the late nights cramming for tests, the blatantly resume-padding extracurriculars (read: Students for Sober Driving) … all that for nothing.
As Mischa grapples with the prospect of an increasingly uncertain future, she questions how this could have happened in the first place. Is it possible that her transcript was hacked? With the help of her best friend and sometimes crush, Nate, and a group of eccentric techies known as “The Ophelia Syndicate,” Mischa launches an investigation that will shake the quiet community of Blanchard Prep to its stately brick foundations.
We Regret to Inform YouReview:
This was so much fun. This book was another I got from my local library because the author is going to be at a book event I’m planning to go to. I’ve read her first book (Grendel’s Guide to Love and War) and really enjoyed it. So I thought I’d like this one too, which I did. Misha was a bit stuck in her feelings, but having dealt with the stress of college applications, I could understand. I liked her friends but wished she was a better friend to Caroline and that there was some reconciliation there for them. Misha was kind of shitty to her and there wasn’t any resolution to that. But I loved Nate and their friendship. I also loved the hacker girls. They were my favorite. They were all so sassy and pushed the limits of what might be morally okay. Definitely my favorite.
The one complaint I have about this book was the miscommunication trope. Or rather, the “I’m not going to share this important information because I’m scared” which is something that drives me crazy in books. I just want the characters to tell the truth and get help from adults.
Overall, I liked this book. Misha and her mom have a pretty good relationship. With normal bumps. But I liked it. I thought the relationships and character growth were done well. I think contemporary fans will enjoy this one.
Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

6 thoughts on “We Regret To Inform You by Ariel Kaplan

  1. I’m not a fan of the miscommunication trope either. It usually creates a huge problem that could be solved so easily! Still, this book sounds really fun. I’m adding it to my TBR 🙂

  2. I have read all three of Kaplan’s books, and each was stupendous for me! Her last book was probably my favorite, but I adored this one as well. Nate stood out for me as well, and I appreciated Mischa’s journey. She grew a lot over the course of the story, and that’s what I have grown to expect in YA.

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