Amanda’s 2021 Reading Statistics (Year End Wrap Up)

Hi, lovelies! It’s time for one of my absolute favorite posts of the year. I love reading these and even though it’s a lot of work, I love putting mine together every January. Today I have my 2021 reading statistics for your viewing pleasure. I’ve made some charts and graphs to really show some of the things that I’ve tracked about the books I’ve read this past year. Let’s get right into it!

This is my breakdown by month of how many books I read. I hit a bit of a slump in the summertime (which was when I found out I was pregnant and I basically slept for a month). I was surprised to see how much more I read in January than any of the other months. What month did you read the most books in?
I’m not super surprised with these results for my star ratings. I DNF’d quite a few books this year instead of finishing them and rating them poorly. So, there really weren’t that many books for me to rate lower than 3 stars.
I was absolutely surprised to see how close it came to being perfectly even for my reading between the three formats of my choice (physical books, eBooks, and Audiobooks). I didn’t think I’d read nearly as many audiobooks as I did and I thought I read way more eBooks than I did. Do you read in more than one format?
This one actually surprised me a little bit. I tracked what the age ranges were of the books I read because I like to see if I’m reading more adult, young adult, or middle-grade books. I’m sad to see that I didn’t read very much middle grade at all in 2021. But I am surprised to see that young adult took the lead. I’ve had some trouble with YA books in the latter half of the year with not enjoying them as much. So, I fully expect this to look different in 2022.
Since I made a chart specifically for age ranges, I didn’t separate my genre graph with age ranges at all this year like I have in the past. I’m glad that I did it this way because now it’s a smaller and easier-to-read graph. These results are pretty expected. I’m hoping to read more evenly across the genres in 2022, but I’m sure that won’t actually happen. What genre did you read the most of in 2021?
This is a pretty similar result to last year, which is funny because in my post for last year I said that I would try to make backlist books one of my priorities. I very obviously didn’t do that. Did you read more new releases or more backlist books last year?
This was the chart I was the most excited to see the result of. Last year, I tracked these things separately, but this year I thought I’d put them all together to see where I was getting my books from. I am pleased to see that I mostly read books that I already owned with just a bit of Kindle Unlimited and library borrows, as well as, keeping up with my NetGalley ARC’s.
I’m not really surprised by these results for my page number statistics. Storygraph has been telling me all year I read books in the 300s page range. In 2022, I’d really like to focus on reading the bigger books that I own. This goal will certainly be helped with all of the tomes I bought in December 2021. Did you read bigger books or smaller books mostly in 2021?
I’m not sure whether I’m surprised or not at the fact that I read a significant amount more of series than I did of standalone. I guess I’m not surprised because I didn’t read as much romance or contemporary as I have in previous years. I think my 2022 statistics will look very similar to this because I have quite a few series I’m planning to start in 2022. Did you read more series or more standalones in 2021?
I love tracking whether I’m rereading a book or reading a book for the first time. I was expecting this result as I focused on reading mostly the books I already owned and hadn’t read yet. But in 2022, I have lots of plans to reread certain series and books. Did you reread many books last year?

There we have it! These are my reading statistics for the year 2021. I think it was really interesting that some of these results surprised me and others didn’t really. This yearly post definitely shows me what I need some of my goals to be in the coming year. Some for me are to read bigger books and reread some books I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. What are your reading goals for 2022?

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.