WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Should Be Reading. To play along, answer the following three questions and share a link to your post in the comments on her page. Enjoy!

What are you currently reading?

Amanda: I’m currently about to start reading Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare. The newest book in the series recently came out so I’m re-reading the first two before I start on the third.

Antonia: I’m reading Once Upon a Tower by Eloisa James.

What did you recently finish reading?

Amanda: I just finished Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, so expect a review on that soon.

Antonia: I recently read Towering by Alex Flinn. She’s one of my favorites and I just had to buy Towering when it came out.

What do you think you’ll read next?

Amanda: Depending on how into Clockwork Prince I get I’ll read Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare next. But I might let myself get distracted with either The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey or The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Antonia: I’ll probably read Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts, another new book I’ve picked up.

What have you been reading?

-Amanda and Antonia.

Call Me Irresistible – Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Lucy Jorik’s the daughter of a former U.S. President…
Meg Koranda’s the offspring of legends…
One of them is about to marry Mr. Irresistible- Ted Beaudine- the favorite son of Wynette, Texas…
The other is determined to save her friend from a mess of heartache.
Meg knows breaking up her best friend’s wedding is the right thing to do, but no one else agrees. Faster than Lucy can say “I don’t,” Meg’s the most hated woman in town-and stuck there with a dead car, and empty wallet, and a very angry bridegroom. Broke, stranded, without her famous parents watching her back, Meg believes she can survive by her own wits. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? She’ll lose her heart to Mr. Irresistible?
Not likely. Not likely at all.

I recently went to the bookstore after getting my first paycheck from my new job. Susan Elizabeth Phillips is one of my auto buy authors and I saw that she had a new book out, The Great Escape. I thought it sounded really good, then I realized it was a sequel of sorts. So I found the first, Call Me Irresistible, where I proceeded to call my dad and make him look at my bookshelves to see if I already owned it. When we decided that I didn’t own it I just had to buy it, I just couldn’t not. So here I am, after spending my entire shift at work finishing this book, this is what I thought of Susan Elizabeth Phillip’s Call Me Irresistible.
I spent most of my time laughing while reading this book. I love books that can make me crack up and look like a maniac if I’m reading in public and this was definitely one of those. The story line kept me interested, the characters were hilarious, and there were some parts that I didn’t expect.
I love books that can make me laugh, which is the main reason I read Phillip’s books. This was a typical love story, I knew who was going to fall in love in the first chapter. There were parts that I didn’t expect, which was a pleasant surprise. Generally, lovey romancey novels like this are completely predictable. So I absolutely loved the fact that there were parts I didn’t guess. Something else I liked about this book is that it took place in small town Texas, so I kind of got a glimpse at what life down there is like. Yes, I know it’s a fiction story. But I don’t live somewhere that’s even remotely like Texas. It was a perspective I enjoyed.
My favorite part to talk about, the characters. Meg Koranda was someone I’d probably be friends with in real life. She’s funny, obnoxious, honest, stubborn, and a lot like my group of friends. Meg was put through a ridiculous amount of completely unnecessary bullshit while she was in Wynette, Texas. She handled herself better than I would have. She has almost too much pride which sometimes made things more complicated for her. I found Meg to be a very admirable female lead. Next comes Wynette’s beloved Ted, who Meg’s best friend Lucy left at the altar. Ted was a really hard character for me to figure out. One page I’d think I had him down, but then he’d go do something crazy and prove me wrong. It took me a while before I started to actually like Ted. He was kind of an asshole at Meg towards the beginning of the book. But he started being nicer, funnier, and sarcastic and I fell for him right along with Meg. Everyone else that lived in town aren’t important enough to be mentioned individually. But I would like to add that I thought they treated Meg very unfairly when she first came to Wynette, but I’m glad they eventually let their grudges go and let her be happy with Ted. The townspeople definitely added more hilarity to the story.
I’d recommend this book to anyone that likes a good romance novel or a book that will make you laugh. This is absolutely both of those things.

Keep on reading lovelys, Amanda.