Blogmas Day Nineteen: Amanda’s 2021 DNF’s

Hi, lovelies! I haven’t done this in a while, but that’s mostly because I didn’t really have a significant list of books that I DNF’d last year. But this year, I’ve been pretty ruthless with my DNF’ing and I actually have a long list to share. I don’t really like to talk trash about books, but I thought it would be fun to share what books I started and chose not to finish. These books won’t really be on any other lists or any of my stats, so I thought I’d give one post of books I didn’t like in 2021.

Under the Whispering Door by T.J. Klune
I was really bored by this story. After loving his 2020 release, I was excited about this book. The premise sounded interesting, but I was bored and genuinely didn’t like the main character.

These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong
I honestly tried so hard to read this one. I got an eARC from NetGalley and tried to read it three separate times. I also tried to listen to the audiobook after the book was published and I just wasn’t invested in the story.

The Last Graduate by Naomi Novik
After only sort of liking the first book, I thought I’d give this one a try because I did actually really like the audiobook narrator. But this story felt almost identical to the first book and I definitely didn’t like that book enough to essentially read it twice.

Shadowsong by S. Jae-Jones
After loving the first book in this duology, I was pretty surprised to find that I just didn’t care at all about anything that was happening in the sequel.

Vampires, Hearts, & Other Dead Things by Margie Fuston
I really wanted to love this book but it just wasn’t holding my interest. I borrowed it from my library and ran out of time to finish it. I didn’t care enough to renew it. I might pick it up again for spooky season next year, but this year it just wasn’t holding my interest.

Velvet Was the Night by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
I hated both of the main characters a surprising amount. I wasn’t going to suffer through a story about characters I didn’t care about at all.

I Am Margaret Moore by Hannah Capin
I made it like 30% into this eARC from NetGalley and I just had no clue what was going on. After reading some reviews and seeing that many readers felt the same way and that it never got less confusing, I chose not to finish the book.

The Push by Ashley Audrain

I DNF’d this book around the 200 pages mark. There’s a scene where a baby dies and it was horrible. But we live the mothers grief and that was just too much for me. I’m currently pregnant, so the story overall was having a negative impact on my mental health and I made the choice to DNF even thought the story and writing absolutely had me hooked. Shout out to my sister in law who gave me all the spoilers about the rest of the book and answering all my questions that I still had.

These are the books that I DNF’d that stand out the most to me. There are a few others that I DNF’d but they were mostly because I wasn’t interested in the first couple of chapters and I’d gotten the books for free from a family member so I wasn’t super worried about DNF’ing and unhauling. Did you DNF any books this year? Share which ones in the comments!

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

Amanda’s Top Ten Tuesday – Recent DNF’s

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. Each week we talk about our top ten with a different topic provided by Jana. This week’s topic is The Last Ten Books I Abandoned (this could be books you DNFed, books you decided you were no longer interested in, etc.) (submitted by Claire @ Book Lovers Pizza)


Collateral by Ellen Hopkins

Meet Me at Midnight by Jessica Pennington

A Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir

The Resolutions by Mia Garcia

The Light Between Worlds by Laura E. Weymouth

Warcross by Marie Lu

Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly

The Dragon Republic by R.F. Kuang

Enchantee by Gita Trelease

These are the last ten books I DNF’d. I don’t DNF all that often as I’m pretty good at knowing what kinds of books I like, so some of these are from 2019. What books made your list this week?

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.


Blogmas Day Twenty-Nine: Books I DNF’d


Hi, lovelies! I want to talk about making the choice to put down a book and never pick it up again. I’ve been DNF’ing books left and right this year and it’s such a freeing feeling. Being able to say, “I’m done with this book. I’m not enjoying it.” and then putting it in the unhaul pile, or returning it to the library unfinished and moving on to another book I’m more excited about reading is such a great feeling. It puts less pressure on me to read books I don’t like. So, here are all the books that I chose to DNF in 2019.

Enchantee by Gita Trelease

The Dragon Republic by R.F. Kuang

A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly

The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett

Unleashed by Diana Palmer

Henry V by William Shakespeare

Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

For some reason I feel like I am forgetting some, but if I can’t remember them there’s probably a reason for that. Tell me in the comments if you DNF’d any books this year and what books they were!

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.


Book Tag – Book Blogger Confessions

Yes bookworms, another book tag. We found this one posted by Sionna at Books in her Eyes, so go check out her answers to these fun questions.

The Rules – 

Answer the questions truthfully.

Tag five book bloggers to answer these questions next.

Which book did you most recently DNF?

Amanda- I make a point to not DNF books. So the closest I’ve come would be I Have Lost My Way by Gayle Forman which you can see my review here.

Antonia- Tequila and Tea Bags by Laura Barnard. I was really excited for this one but absolutely could not connect with the protagonist and couldn’t manage to get past about 30% because of it.

What book is your guilty pleasure?

Amanda- This has to be any of the Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands. They’re creative but filthy and I love it when the new ones come out. Who doesn’t love a sexy vampire romance?

Antonia- I probably would have chosen the same as Amanda but in an effort to be different I’ll pick The Dark-Hunters series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Sexy immortals and greek mythology? Yes please.

Which book do you love to hate?

Amanda- This is a tough one because I don’t have one that comes immediately to mind. After looking at my GoodReads list of books that I’ve read, The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco (review here) is definitely a book that I dislike (I don’t really hate any books) but I liked the second one a bunch, so love to hate I guess?

Antonia- I always think this questions a little weird. Usually I just love it or hate it, there’s not much in between for me.

Which book would you throw into the sea? 

Amanda- What bookworm in their right mind would throw a perfectly good book (or even a perfectly terrible book) into the ocean?

Antonia- Yeah, I agree entirely with Amanda.

Which book have you read the most? 

Amanda- Looking for Alaska by John Green. My favorite book in the world. I’ve reread it so many times it’s ridiculous. Check out my review here.

Antonia- A lot. If I had to guess though, I’d say The Obsidian Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory. I read it at least once a year and it’s been over ten years since I first picked it up.

Which book would you hate to receive as a present?

Amanda- Well, I wouldn’t hate to receive any books for free. But I much prefer when gift givers ask me specifically what books I need or want.

Antonia- Nothing specifically. I mostly agree with Amanda; I’d rather be able to pick out my own books with the exception of a few people who know my tastes well enough.

Which book could you not live without?

Amanda- All of them? Seriously, I’m supposed to pick just one book?

Harry Potter (all of them) by J.K. Rowling

Looking for Alaska by John Green

A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas

Antonia- The Obsidian Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory

Beastly by Alex Flinn

The Witness by Nora Roberts

The Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist

And like 5,000 others.

Which book made you the angriest?

Amanda- The Young Elites series by Marie Lu (reviewed here.) The main character of this series is absolutely infuriating, but like I also totally loved her. She just made me mad like 90% of the time.

Antonia- I’ve talked about this one before but I have to choose Flamecaster by Cinda Williams Chima. She killed off one of my favorite characters from the previous series and I couldn’t handle it. To the point where I refused to finish it for the longest time.

Which book made you cry the most?

Amanda- I feel like I’ve mentioned this a million times at this point but, The Air Awakens series by Elise Kova made me cry for like an hour. My husband just hugged me and asked me if I was okay like a hundred times. He definitely thought I was never going to stop crying.

Antonia- All of them. Not literally of course but there’s a lot and almost always, if a book made me cry once, it’ll make me cry every time. The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman has always been one of the worst. Most recently is probably Year One by Nora Roberts. A character dies suddenly which would be tragic enough but he has the same name as my husband so I found it harder to read than I might otherwise.

Which book cover do you hate the most?

Amanda- I just talked about this with someone the other day. I don’t have any specific book covers that I hate, but I don’t particularly love book covers with faces on them. The faces that their making are always so awkward and I just think they could have done better with something other than a random face.

Antonia- I also hate the awkward face covers. Especially when half the face is cut off. It just doesn’t look appealing to me in any way.

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