Amanda’s September Wrap Up

Hello, lovelies! I’ve been feeling really distant from reading and blogging these last two months. I think because I had everything scheduled ahead of time for the move. I’m not sure. But I’m getting the itch to write new posts. So, stay tuned to see what I come up with for Blogtober.

I didn’t read all that much this month. I’m still struggling to integrate reading into my routine with a now very mobile seven-month-old. I am fairly sure he will be walking by nine months old with the rate he’s going. I’ve also been trying to get out and explore the area a bit more. Our new city seems to be super family-friendly. I’ve already visited the zoo and the library. We have plans to return to the zoo and visit some of the children’s museums that are around. I’m excited, but it means there’s a bit less time for me to read. Like I said above, I’m trying to find good places to add reading into my routine.

Physical Books
Wild is the Witch by Rachel Griffin

The Spare Man by Mary Robinette Kowal

Frostbite by Richelle Mead
The Counselors by Jessica Goodman

I ended up DNF’ing quite a few books this month after reading almost 50%, so that wasted a lot of my reading time this month. What did you read in September?

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

Have any thoughts?

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