The Weeping Tide by Amanda Foody

Barclay and his friends must save an island city from the Legendary Beast of the Sea in this second book in the Wilderlore series.
Something is wrong at the Sea. The weeping tide, a carnivorous algae bloom, is eating up all the fish. Beasts are terrorizing the nearby Elsewheres. And Lochmordra, the Legendary Beast, is rising at random and swallowing ships whole.
Barclay’s teacher, the famous Guardian Keeper Runa Rasgar, has been summoned to investigate, and as her apprentice, Barclay gets to join too. But Runa’s nemesis has also been called to the Sea, and he’s brought apprentices of his own. When the not-so friendly competition between them grows fierce, it’s Barclay—the only one from the Elsewheres—who can’t seem to keep up.
The key to stopping Lochmordra lies in his mythical home, but as the flood of the weeping tide encroaches, time is running out to find it. If the rival groups can’t cast aside old grudges and learn to work together, soon the Sea will be destroyed completely. And all the while Barclay must ask himself: is there truly a place for him in the Wilderlands?

The Weeping Tide is the next installment in the Wilderlore series. I really loved the first book and I’m happy to say that I loved this one just as much.
We follow Barclay as he and his fellow students travel to the Sea. There is something weird going on and Guardian Keepers begin to gather in order to work together to figure out what’s going on with the islands. We get to meet other apprentices. I really enjoyed this one. Barclay is dealing with some serious imposter syndrome, but he deals with it well. He works hard and keeps practicing.
What I loved most about this book was the world. Foody has created an amazing and interesting world here and I love being in it. The creatures and magic are fascinating and feel unique. I can’t wait to explore more of this world in future books.

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

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