Amanda’s Favorite Tropes

Hi, lovelies! I think the concept of tropes is such an interesting one. There are things that have been used in stories so many times that they’ve become a thing. I didn’t really think that I had any favorite tropes, but the more I read, the more I realize that I absolutely do have some favorites. Now, some are general story ones and some are specific events in stories. Let’s get to it!

Friends to lovers

This is my personal favorite trope in romance. I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s my real life trope with my husband.

Only one bed

The tension that stems from the ‘only one bed’ trope is just unlike anything else.

Forbidden love

As a teen, I was a big supporter of doing things I wasn’t supposed to do, so the whole people loving people they ‘shouldn’t’ because it creates such excellent drama and conflict.

Second chance romance

This is another real life trope for me. So, it totally checks out why I love this one.

Forced proximity

I think this one is another great one just because of the tension that’s created from the trope. I love to see characters that are trapped somewhere together that they don’t want to be.

Reluctant hero

The chosen one trope was really popular and still is, but I love me some reluctant heroes. A main characters that doesn’t particularly want to save the whatever, but they will because they’re the hero.

Fake dating

This one is incredibly popular. I like it, too. It’s fun watching a couple that’s totally in denial about their feelings for one another slowly realize they do actually love each other.

These are some of my favorite tropes. What are some of yours?

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

Have any thoughts?

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