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Hi, lovelies! I have a fun post today that I’m excited about. Today, I want to share with you all my auto-buy authors. If you’re unfamiliar with this bookish term, basically these are all authors that I don’t even need to know what the book is going to be about to know that I will be buying it when it’s released. I have a few on this list that have been auto-buy authors since high school and a few that are newer. I also want to mention that there are quite a few authors I want to add to this list, but they only have one or two books out, so I can’t say for certain that they are auto-buy’s for me, yet. But I’m thinking I might do another post about these potentials another day. This list ended up being longer than I thought, so I’m going to get right into it.

The Star-Touched Queen (The Star-Touched Queen, #1)

Roshani Chokshi
I discovered Chokshi’s books sometime in 2019 with her middle-grade debut, Aru Shah, and fell in love with her writing. I read all of the rest of the books that she currently had published in 2020 and The Gilded Wolves is tied with the Aru Shah series for my favorite book by her.

Ellen Hopkins
Hopkins is one of the authors that’s been an auto-buy for me since high school. Her novels are all written in verse and younger me thought that was the coolest thing. I have since found other authors that write incredible novels in verse, but Hopkins’ books hold a special place in my heart. I also really love that the stories she writes have deep personal meaning to her. She has a few books that have author’s notes sharing a bit of her life and the reasoning behind the topics she’s chosen to write about.

Rin Chupeco
Funnily enough, I didn’t like the first book that I read by Chupeco. I started with The Bone Witch and had so many questions when I’d finished the final pages. But I continued the series and absolutely fell in love. The Never Tilting World duology is my favorite series by Chupeco. I would recommend their work to anyone that loves diverse and compelling fantasy.

Clap When You Land

Elizabeth Acevedo
This is an author I found because of Book Twitter. Acevedo writes some of her books in verse and for those I always choose the audiobook. Acevedo has won awards for her spoken poetry performances and she narrates her own audiobooks. They are incredible. They’re full of emotion and heart.

Jennifer L Armentrout
I’ve been reading Armentrout’s books since high school. Her Lux series is actually what inspired Antonia and me to start this blog. I love all of her books and I will probably continue loving them forever. I’ve by no means read everything that she’s written, but I love that too because there’s always more of her backlist for me to discover while I’m waiting for her new releases.

Cinda Williams Chima
Chima is the author that got me to fall in love with fantasy. The Seven Realms series is one I read in high school and it’s the series that got me into high fantasy. I’ve loved it ever since.

Spellbook of the Lost and Found

Moira Fowley-Doyle
This author writes books that punch you in the emotions. All the Bad Apples is my favorite of her books. All her books are filled with queer characters and once I started them, I couldn’t put them down until I’d reached the end of the book.

N.K. Jemisin
I’ve read all of Jemisin’s work except for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms trilogy (but that’s on my TBR for the near future!) and I’ve either absolutely loved or really enjoyed all of her books that I’ve read. I cannot wait to continue her Great Cities series whenever the next one is released. The worlds she creates are so immersive and detailed. They’re full of diverse characters and incredibly unique worlds and magics.

Julie Kagawa
Kagawa is another long time auto-buy author. I loved her Iron Fey series and all of its companions. More recently her Shadow of the Fox series was incredible. I cannot say enough good things about her books.

Miss Meteor

Anna-Marie McLemore
Their books are so beautiful. The writing is absolutely stunning. The stories are full of family, full of love, and magic. I am glad that I still have a few of their books left before I’ve completed their backlist because I don’t know what I’m going to do once I’m caught up.

Tehlor Kay Mejia
I fell in love with Mejia’s writing with the first books I read, We Set the Dark on Fire. That love didn’t fade as I finished that duology and then started Mejia’s middle-grade series. I love the captivating world and mythology, the diverse characters, and the writing brings all these things together.

Claire Legrand
I liked Legrand’s books, right up until I read the Emperium trilogy and then I fell in love. Which I still can’t stop thinking about. So, yes I am excited to see what books this author will come out with next.

Charming as a Verb

Ben Philippe
His books are honestly just fun. He writes YA contemporary. I met him at the same event that I met Jeff Zentner and they both seem like such cool people. Philippe is also pretty hilarious on Twitter. His books are almost comfort reads, except they’re diverse and have great conversations about diversity. Specifically, racism and the experiences of black teens.

Justin Reynolds
Reynolds writes books that rip my heart from my body, stomps on it, and then puts it back while saying, “everything’s okay now!” when it certainly is not okay anymore. He writes contemporary books with a science fiction twist and I love the way he combines these two genres.

Alisha Rai
I’ve only read her Modern Love series so far, but I absolutely loved all three of the books. I’m excited that she has a good backlist for me to explore. She writes diverse romances that are fun and enjoyable, but they also cover important topics like mental health and I think they’re so well done. She’s also hilarious on Instagram.

Game Changer

Neal Shusterman
This is another author I’ve been reading since around high school. I loved the Unwind series and his newer books are just getting better and better. Scythe is an incredible series that I will recommend forever. I’m beyond excited for his newest book Roxy which he’s co-writing with his son that will be releasing later in 2021. He writes such a wide variety of books that it’s always something new and interesting with him.

Scott Westerfeld
Westerfeld drew me in with his Uglies series way back in 2005. I’ve loved all of his books since then and I actually reread that series in 2020. I would honestly say that I continue to read/buy his books more because of nostalgia than anything else. I feel transported back to being thirteen and so excited about my dad taking me to the bookstore for Westerfeld’s newest release.

Rayne & Delilah's Midnite Matinee

Jeff Zentner
I love his books. Every single one of them will break your heart. But they do a really great job of talking about tough topics in thoughtful ways. Also, I’ve met Zenter and he just genuinely seems like a cool dude.

Cassandra Clare
The Shadowhunters have gone on for entirely too long, but for some reason I just can’t stop reading them. I’ve accepted my fate.

Sarah J. Maas
I’m trash for Maas and I’m okay with that.

Leigh Bardguo
I’ve been a fan of Bardugo’s books since Shadow and Bone first came out. I really enjoyed Ninth House and I’m interested to see where she goes once she moves on from the Grishaverse.

Year One (Chronicles of The One, #1)

Nora Roberts
Roberts was one of the romance authors that got me into romance. She’s one of my comfort authors that I go to when I feel a reading slump coming on or I just need to read something I know will be happy and that I’ll like.

This list ended up being way longer than I thought it was going to be. But in the last few years, I’ve found so many new authors that put incredible stories into the world. I’m sure in a year this list will be even longer than it is now.

What authors are on your auto-buy author list?

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

5 thoughts on “Amanda’s Auto-Buy Authors

  1. To be honest, the only auto-buy author for me out of this list is Acevedo, but that just means I need to give a chance/read more from most of them. Definitely adding some of them to my TBR, because they’re in amazing company!

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