Amanda’s Springtime Book Recommendations

Hey, lovelies! Now that we’ve made it to March, it means that it’s almost springtime! I’m already feeling that where I live. The temperature is rising and the days are getting longer. The time has come for me to be able to sit in my back yard, enjoy the sunshine, and fresh air. I can’t wait to read outside again. Today, I have eight books that I think are great books to read during the spring season.

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
This one is a gimmie because most of the book takes place in the Spring Court (hah,). I still thing this is a great book to read in the spring time, but the second is even better. A story about growth and learning how to adjust after massive life changes. I think the series overall is a great story of learned how to work through trauma and growing as a person.

Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo
Clap When You Land tells the story of two sisters that didn’t know the other existed. So, this story is full of change, turmoil, and grief, but there’s family growth and development that was so heartbreaking and heartwarming. Families can change too and that’s what this story is about.

Fable by Adrienne Young
There’s something about sailing stories that I think are perfect for the springtime. Fable is a wonderful found family story that’s filled with diverse characters and adventures on the sea.

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa
Kagawa, to me, is the original (and better) Fey series. So many people can’t stop talking about Jude and Cardan when they should be talking about Meghan and Ash. And then, the companion series starting with The Lost Prince, with Ethan and Kenzie. Even further, The Iron Raven follows Puck, while he is a summer Fey, I think there’s just something that says springtime about all of these books.

Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers
Honey Girl is another book about growth. Springtime is all about growth and new things blooming. That is exactly the theme of this book. Grace Porter grows exponentially in this book. She tries new things and finds new love. I loved this book with my whole heart.

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout
This one is perfect for this list because Poppy really blooms (hah, see what I did there?) in this book. She sheds the self that’s been pushed on her for her whole life and takes time to discover who she really is. She’s still discovering that in the second book, but I’m beyond excited to read the second (coming April 20th!).

Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore
There is a big theme of flowers in this book. I think that combined with the theme of change within the Nomeolvides family. Things are changing for these women, but honestly with all the flowers I had to add this one to the list. With so many different kinds of flowers, it screams spring.

Mirage by Somaiya Daud
What’s better for springtime than a story about dismantling an oppressive government? Nothing, that’s what. Plus there are some great relationships in this duology, romantic and otherwise. I think the growth on a particular character is also very fitting for the springtime. Plus the audiobook is incredible. So, listen to this and go for a walk outside to enjoy the springtime air.

There you have it. These are the books that I think are perfect reads for the springtime. So, if you have any of these books on your TBR list, spring 2021 is the perfect time to finally pick them up. What books would you recommend to be read in the springtime?

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

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