Blogmas Book Review: Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart

fullsizeoutput_3401GoodReads Summary:
In a world where women have no rights, sisters Serina and Nomi Tessaro face two very different fates: one in the palace, the other in prison.
Serina has been groomed her whole life to become a Grace – someone to stand by the heir to the throne as a shining, subjugated example of the perfect woman. But when her headstrong and rebellious younger sister, Nomi, catches the heir’s eye, it’s Serina who takes the fall for the dangerous secret that Nomi has been hiding.
Now trapped in a life she never wanted, Nomi has only one way to save Serina: surrender to her role as a Grace until she can use her position to release her sister. This is easier said than done. A traitor walks the halls of the palace, and deception lurks in every corner. But Serina is running out of time, imprisoned on an island where she must fight to the death to survive and one wrong move could cost her everything.
Grace and Fury (Grace and Fury, #1)Review:
Grace and Fury follows two sisters, Nomi and Serina. Serina has trained all her life to become a Grace (essentially a concubine to the rulers) and Nomi has followed to be her handmaiden. Serina is happy to have this chance to serve the Heir and to help the rest of her family live a better life, but Nomi hates the restrictions put on women in her world. They’re not allowed to learn how to read or write. They are mostly only allowed to toil away in factories or be married off. Nomi doesn’t want any of that. She has a secret. And this secret causes both sisters lives to change in ways they never could have imagined.
Nomi is chosen as one of the Heir’s Graces instead of Serina. And soon after, Serina is sent to a mostly barren island that serves as a women’s prison, after she takes the blame for Nomi’s actions.
The best part of this book were the sisters and their love for one another. Even though they’ve been separated, they both think of the other often and wished things to be different. They both took inspiration from the other. Nomi did her best to think about what Serina would do in situations Nomi was unsure of and Serina though of how Nomi would be strong and would fight when Serina needed to survive.
I really enjoyed the world, but I would have liked a bit more information about it. The world building was pretty basic, though I’m excited to see these sisters tear their way through this society and change it for the better. They live in a world rules by men where women are allowed to do very little. Nomi has always thought this was unfair but Serina doesn’t feel that way until she’s out on the island where it’s survival above all else. Serina draws parallels to what she sees on the island with Nomi’s thoughts before they were separated. I’m excited to see where the next book will go because the ending of this one was so excellent.
The only thing I didn’t like was a part of Nomi’s storyline. I think the story could completely go without romance. But I understand why it was done this way. Nomi’s romance and the twist involved with that made the story feel a bit rushed because her realizing the truth and trying to stop certain plans all had to happen very quickly, but as the reader I saw it coming a fair bit ahead of Nomi.
Overall, I really enjoyed this story. I read it in one sitting. It was easy to get into the world and understand what was going on. Nomi was easy to love right from the start. She’s a girl that just wants to be allowed to read and to have choices. Serina was a bit harder. She was alright with how things worked. She’s accepted her world the way it was, until she was in a whole different world. Once she got to the island I really started to like her. If you like sibling relationships I think you’ll like this book.

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

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