Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters

GoodReads Summary:
After seven years as an assistant, 29-year-old Evie Summers is ready to finally get the promotion she deserves. But now the TV and film agency she’s been running behind the scenes is in trouble, and Evie will lose her job unless she can convince the agency’s biggest and most arrogant client, Ezra Chester, to finish writing the script for a Hollywood romantic comedy.
The catch? Ezra is suffering from writer’s block–and he’ll only put pen to paper if singleton Evie can prove to him that you can fall in love like they do in the movies. With the future of the agency in jeopardy, Evie embarks on a mission to meet a man the way Sally met Harry or Hugh Grant met Julia Roberts.
But in the course of testing out the meet-cute scenes from classic romantic comedies IRL, not only will Evie encounter one humiliating situation after another, but she’ll have to confront the romantic past that soured her on love. In a novel as hilarious as it is heartwarming, debut author Rachel Winters proves that sometimes real life is better than the movies–and that the best kind of meet-cutes happen when you least expect them.
Would Like to MeetReview:
This book pulled me in with its cover. I was very happy that I liked the book inside as much as I like the cover. I thought the whole concept of the book was so cute. I only liked Evie most of the time with this book. She really wasn’t a very good friend and that really annoyed me. But her friends were incredibly forgiving and I liked them a lot. They were great supporting characters and added excellent banter to the story. But Evie was not the friend she should have been to them. I think that was in part because she put so much of her time and effort into her job that was completely not worth said time and effort. I was a little annoyed at times that she neglected literally everything else in her life for such a crappy job. Now, on a more positive note. I had so much fun with the meet-cutes that Evie had to do. They were taken right out of some great romantic comedy movies and they were definitely one of the better parts of this book.
I really hated Ezra. He was a huge asshole and I just really hated him. He was the stereotype of people in the movie industry and I totally predicted what he was doing with the stories of Evie’s meet-cutes like right away. I hated him, and yet, I still sort of believed him when he pulls the crap he pulls in this book. This was the part where I almost DNF’d this one. But everything came around to exactly where I wanted it to be in the end.
Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Evie was interesting and annoying, but also really learned a lot about herself and how to stand up for herself. I really liked the outcome of this story. I was really happy with the conclusion and it was a funny and entertaining read.

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

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