I See London, I See France by Sarah Mlynowski

GoodReads Summary:
Nineteen-year-old Sydney has the perfect summer mapped out. She’s spending the next four and half weeks traveling through Europe with her childhood best friend, Leela. Their plans include Eiffel-Tower selfies, eating cocco gelato, and making out with très hot strangers. Her plans do not include Leela’s cheating ex-boyfriend showing up on the flight to London, falling for the cheating ex-boyfriend’s très hot friend, monitoring her mother’s spiraling mental health via texts, or feeling like the rope in a friendship tug-of-war.
As Sydney zigzags through Amsterdam, Switzerland, Italy, and France, she must learn when to hold on, when to keep moving, and when to jump into the Riviera…wearing only her polka-dot underpants.
I See London, I See France (I See London, I See France, #1)Review:
This story was so fun. I needed a book that had a heart in the title or on the cover for the OWLs Readathon and this book has a cute heart emoji on the cover.
I devoured this story. I loved the traveling adventures. I loved getting to see all the places they went to and the tourist attractions they visited. I thought the settings were really well done and made the story so fun.
The characters were interesting. I thought Sydney was really put out of her comfort zone on her trip to Europe because she doesn’t want to leave her mother who is agoraphobic. So, she’s constantly worrying about her mom and her younger sister having to take care of her mom. I thought this was interesting to include in the story. I loved how much she worried and cared about her family, but it was also nice to see her finally do something just for herself. She’s a person that just cares about the people in her life. Including the friend she’s traveling in Europe with.
Sydney and Leela’s relationship isn’t a perfect one. I liked that. It’s realistic and believable. I think they both had issues they needed to work out, and while I wished they’d addressed said issues sooner, I’m happy with the way that it was handled and resolved.
Overall, this story was fun and full of adventure. But it also included real-life problems and really enjoyed that. I think this was a great novel full of wonderful settings and interesting characters.

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

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