Echoes Between Us by Katie McGarry

GoodReads Summary:
Veronica sees ghosts. More specifically, her mother’s ghost. The afterimages of blinding migraines caused by the brain tumor that keeps her on the fringes and consumes her whole life haunt her, even as she wonders if it’s something more…
Golden boy Sawyer is handsome and popular, a state champion swimmer, but his adrenaline addiction draws him to Veronica.
A girl with nothing to live for and a boy with everything to lose–can they conquer their demons together?
Echoes Between UsReview:
What to say about Echoes Between Us? We follow two characters, Veronica and Sawyer. I really liked that both of them showed us that what others think does not dictate who we really are. Both have secrets and both are more than their reputations.
I honestly don’t know how to explain the characters. Veronica is feisty and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. She is unapologetically herself and dares others to say something about it. She has a loyal group of friends, though they sadly aren’t in school with her. I loved her and her friend group.
Then there’s sawyer who is seen as the rich popular kid, but there’s so much more to his story. He’s an adrenaline junkie but is filled with so much guilt when he gives in. He takes care of his sister and his mother in more ways than he ever should have to. I really felt for him because I have family members that struggle with drinking.
This book was filled with tough topics and strong emotions. I think the author covered these topics, addiction, illness, and the like, so well. She really succeeded in making me feel all the things. I definitely will be picking up more books by this author in the future.

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

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