Rage by Cora Carmack

GoodReads Summary:
Princess or adventurer.
Duty or freedom.
Her Kingdom or the Stormhunter she loves.
If Aurora knows anything, it’s that choices have consequences. To set things right, she joins a growing revolution on the streets of Pavan.
In disguise as the rebel Roar, she puts her knowledge of the palace to use to aid the rebellion. But the Rage season is at its peak and not a day passes without the skies raining down destruction. Yet these storms are different—they churn with darkness, and attack with a will that’s desperate and violent.
This feels like more than rage.
It feels like war.
Rage (Stormheart, #2)Review:
Rage is the second book in the Stormheart series. I buddy read the first book (find my review here!) with my favorite group of lovelies, Alana, Rae, & Books in the Skye, and so we just had to buddy read this one together as well. But I was a bad buddy reader and didn’t manage to finish this book until almost a month later. I’ve been having a really tough time wanting to read fantasy. But I still really enjoyed this one.
The magic system is beyond interesting. It’s such a unique and creative idea that it’s really refreshing. Fantasy can get a bit monotonous with similar magics and whatnot, but this definitely was an idea that I hadn’t seen before. I am very interested to continue learning more about Aurora’s powers.
Aurora is fierce and loyal and learning more about herself. She’s run from a marriage she didn’t want in the first book, but in this one, she’s returning to her city to fix her mistake. She still doesn’t want to marry Cassius, but that’s a minor problem considering his family has taken over her city. She’s grown and realized her flaws and how she might have done things differently, but there’s no going back. In going forward, she’s doing her best to do right by those she cares for.
Enter Kieran. I love him. I think his reaction to Aurora’s secret was reasonable. And their relationship goes a step further. I really love that they bring out the best in one another. A part of me can’t help but think there’s more to Kieran’s history that we just don’t know yet, so I’m eager for the release of the next book to see what else he hasn’t shared yet.
Cassius is my favorite. I know he’s supposed to be a villain of sorts, but there’s something about him that just draws me in. He’s not after power, like his father. He just wants Aurora. With his role in the final pages of Rage, I’m beyond interested to see where the next book will pick up.
Overall, I think the characters are well developed and complex. Especially our actual villain. I enjoyed getting to see a bit of the Stormlord’s history. Seeing where he came from made him a bit more human. I love the world and the magic that is in it. I just really enjoyed this book as a whole. I’m very excited to see what will happen next in this series.


“I want to help you do the wild, improbable things you dream of doing. I want to stand beside you as you turn this place upside down and build it anew.”

“Sometimes the most important things a person could do was to simply show up.”

“Life happens how it happens, and you either move with the maelstrom or die wallowing about the change in the winds.”

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.


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