Chosen Champion by Elise Kova

GoodReads Summary:
Vi Solaris is on the eve of getting everything she’s ever wanted—her family, her home, her throne—and to save the world she’s going to have to give it all up.
The Empire sees her as their Crown Princess, returning at long last. But Vi only sees visions of fate guiding her to the world’s gruesome end. Across the sea is a man who holds the keys to deciphering her premonitions and thwarting the ancient evil ravaging their world. But to get to him, Vi will have to contend with enemies of the crown, romance she didn’t expect, sorcerer pirates, and a betrayal she never saw coming.
She will learn the hard way that some evils never die… They only bide their time…
Chosen Champion (Air Awakens: Vortex Chronicles #2)Review:
Elise Kova is going to kill me. I almost died reading Chosen Champion. So many things happened and my jaw definitely dropped. I am in awe of Kova’s talent. She really knows how to tell a story. It took everything in my power not to immediately pick up the next book, but it was also two in the morning and I really needed to go to sleep.
Vi Solaris is a girl with so much responsibility. She’s brave and daring. Always fighting the restrictions that her royal blood places on her. She’s doing what might seem like the wrong thing to others, but she knows it’s a journey she needs to take to save the world.
The betrayal was real in this book. There was one character in particular that we learned some surprising things about and then she stabs Vi in the bad (literally). I was so shocked when we found out her real identity and even more shocked when she shows her true motivations.
I loved getting to see more of the Air Awakens world and I’m beyond excited to see the Crescent Continent in the next book. I love this book. I love this series. I love these characters. I love Elise Kova for giving me these books to love and adore. If you haven’t read Air Awakens please stop what you’re doing and go read it right now.

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

8 thoughts on “Chosen Champion by Elise Kova

  1. YES another Elise Kova fan! The Air Awakens series is definitely one of my all time fave fantasy series! Chosen Champion was SO GOOD, as was Failed Future! I’m so excited for Sovereign Sacrifice! Great review!

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