An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

Seeking women ages 18-32 to participate in a study on ethics and morality. Generous compensation. Anonymity guaranteed.
When Jessica Farris signs up for a psychological study conducted by the mysterious Dr. Shields, she thinks all she’ll have to do is answer a few questions, collect her money, and leave.
Question #1: Could you tell a lie without feeling guilt?
But as the questions grow more and more intense and invasive and the sessions become outings where Jess is told what to wear and how to act, she beings to feel as though Dr. Shields may know what she’s thinking.
Question #2: Have you ever deeply hurt someone you care about?
As Jess’s paranoia grows, it becomes clear that she can no longer trust what in her life is real, and what is one of Dr. Shields manipulative experiments. Caught in a web of deceit and jealousy, Jess quickly learns that some obsessions can be deadly.
Question #3: Should a punishment always fit the crime?
From the authors of the blockbuster bestseller The Wife Between Us come an electrifying new novel about doubt, passion, and just how much you can trust someone.
An Anonymous GirlReview:
I’ve heard so many good things about An Anonymous Girl so when it was suggested as the next book for my local book club I was beyond excited. So many people I know have really enjoyed this book, so I had a feeling I was going to as well. I was not disappointed.
I thought I had this book all figured out in the first fifty pages. But boy was I wrong. There were things that I guessed and was right, but then I’d find out that I was right except not really and we’d get another twist. There was so much going on that I stopped trying to guess what was going to happen next because I didn’t really know.
I thought there were a lot of aspects within the story that made me think more than I expected (and my book club girls confirmed this!) I didn’t expect it to be a particularly thought-provoking book. I don’t want to say anything specific because of potential spoilers but if you’ve read this and want to discuss let me know! The one thing I do want to say is that it certainly doesn’t make me want to trust any sort of psychologist in my life.
I really enjoyed the two different perspectives. Following the main character Jess as her life goes from mostly normal to absolutely nuts was interesting. I really liked Jess at first, the whole morality conversation was an interesting one and I think Jess really showed her limits and what she’d do to protect herself and her loved ones. I also really enjoyed the chapters told in second person. I thought that was a really interesting way to tell the story. It was complex and gripping. It had my sympathizing with someone who may not have deserved it.
Overall, I enjoyed this story. It was thrilling and interesting, complex and unpredictable. I flew through the pages and couldn’t stop until I knew how the story was going to end. I cannot recommend this book enough. I’m going to have to get my husband’s mom and sister to read this because it’s a book that fits their reading tastes.

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

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