Contemporary January

Contemp JanHi, lovelies! Happy New Year and welcome to 2019! I hope everyone had a fun New Year’s Eve. I am here today to share something so fun with you all! I have gotten together with my bookish twin Alana @ The Bookish Chick to talk all month long about the contemporary genre.

With a discussion of Alana wanting me to read a few of her favorites, having a million and one books on my TBR, and feeling a bit burnt out on fantasy,  we came up with Contemporary January, a month of reading all of the contemporaries on your TBR list that you just haven’t managed to pick up for whatever reason. There’s no rules or guidelines other than to read the books from this genre that have been living on your TBR list. We will be posting all month long about all the different books we love and haven’t read and all the different kinds of contemporaries there are out there.

A few topics to look forward to:

2018 Contemporaries

Backlist Contemporaries

Favorites – Romance Edition

Recommendations of Realistic Fiction on Tough Topics

Keep an eye out for all sorts of fun posts this month! I will be posting my TBR list for the month at some point soon. Stay tuned to see what I’m going to read and what I have read.

Will you be reading along with us? Let me know in the comments what your favorite contemporaries are or what books you have on your TBR that you want to tackle in Contemporary January.

Find me on Twitter, Instagram and/or GoodReads to keep up to date with any announcements and see what I’m reading!


13 thoughts on “Contemporary January

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  3. Hallo, Hallo *waves*

    I haven’t had the chance to tell you but I’ve decided to focus on some Contemporaries I want to be reading as I get sidetracked by opting instead for Historicals! I’m hoping to post about this readathon this coming week – whilst talking about which Contemporaries I want to be reading and hopefully, trying to pull together the thoughts you’ve been sharing already! I thought it was a lovely idea – I only wish it was for longer than 30 days but I also love these readathons that are condensed into a month; just felt like January for me was a bit overly booked by all the stories I wanted to be reading *right now!* lol

    Great idea!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you’re joining us! I totally know what you mean about the books I want to read RIGHT NOW. For me, many of those aree contemporaries, which is part of the reason I wanted to do this! Make sure to tag me and Alana in your post so we can see! And use the hashtag if you use twitter or instagram! Can’t wait to see what you’re going to read.

      • I definitely will! 🙂 I did use the tag whilst talking to Fanna about a RAL choice – now I’m just hoping the books come in through the library in time as I marked myself down for the print & audio as clearly its a hot ticket item ATM! (ie. Jenny Han)

        Ooh isn’t that the truth? There are certain stories that just really itch at us to be *reading!* almost immediately and since this is my year to re-focus what I’m reading and when — I almost feel too excited to begin! lol

        I can’t wait to share my post(s) with you and follow your adventures as well! I’ll be on #bookishTwitter – as I decided to be social on Twitter, my blog and LibraryThing 🙂

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