Blogmas Day Sixteen – BookTube Edition

So, we talked about my favorite bloggers now we need to talk about my favorite BookTuber’s. I’m going to recommend some people that make me laugh, some that I love their recommendations, some that talk about stuff other than books, some big BookTubers and some small Booktubers.

Alexandra Roselyn – Adorable and funny. Her videos are always so well done!

Brittany the Bibliophile – I love her book talks,  her hauls, wrap-ups, and rambling reading vlogs. She’s just relatable and entertaining and we have such similar taste in books!

Chandler Ainsley – Even though she hates pretty much everything I love, she’s so funny and in your face. Her bookbangs are my favorite.

Hailey in Bookland – Writing vlogs, reading vlogs, forever behind on new releases. I love her videos. Her NaNoWriMo vlogs get me so motivated.

Is That Chami – A little ball of Australian sass. I love her videos. They’re all so different and fun.

Jesse the Reader – Jesse is the best. He loves all the same books that I do and makes super interesting and different videos. I’m always super excited when he posts a new video.

Little Book Owl – I love Caz. Her videos are all great. I just love everything about her channel. Especially when she does collabs with the next BookTuber on the list.

Piera Ford – She was the first BookTuber that I really really enjoyed. I love her videos. Her intro is the cutest too.

PolandBananasBOOKS – Christine is hilarious. She talks about books and movies and other whatnots. She just wrote a book too!

Sophiesticated Books – Sophie is an incredible BookTuber. She’s so well spoken and put together for someone so young. Her videos are awesome, even when she’s hating on books I love.

Thoughts on Tomes – Sam created the wonderful Tome Topple reading challenge. Her videos are great, especially her gushes and rants.

yerabooknerdzoe – I just found Zoe, but I love the videos I’ve seen so far. She’s funny and edits her videos super creatively. She’s always doing different things to keep her videos interesting.

These are some of my favorite BookTubers. Is there any you love and think are someone I must watch?

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

Have any thoughts?

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