Book Tag – This or That?

Another week, another book tag. I found this one done by Bentley over at Book Bastion. I thought it looked like fun! I love the idea of the this or that book tag so I had to do it when I saw this one.

Reading in bed or on the couch? 

Amanda– Both, but generally on the couch during the day and in bed at night before I go to sleep.

Antonia– On the couch most of the time. I have trouble sleeping so I’ve been trying not to do other things in bed; reading, watching t.v., playing games, etc.

Male main character or Female main character?

Amanda– Again both. I love a strong female lead, especially in today’s world. But being a female, I do also enjoy reading books from a male point of view because it’s often so different from my own.

Antonia– Definitely both. I love really well written characters and when characters are written really well, their gender doesn’t matter all that much to me.

Sweet or salty snacks while reading? 

Amanda– It depends on what I’m in the mood for, I’m always going back and forth between salty and sweet.

Antonia– Ooh. I do have a crazy sweet tooth. I love chips and stuff too but I think sweet has to win.

Trilogies or Quartets? 

Amanda– Trilogies for sure.

Antonia– Either? It really just depends on the series. As long as the story isn’t dragged out too long, I’m good.

First person or third person POV?

Amanda– First person if it’s a book from on perspective but third person if there are alternating perspectives.

Antonia– I mostly agree with Amanda on this one. I also think certain genres and plots work better with one or the other.

Reading at night or in the morning? 

Amanda– At night. If I’m reading in the morning I can find some excuse or reason to keep reading for the rest of the day and I end up doing nothing but reading (but is that really a problem?)

Antonia– Afternoon? I need time to wake up before I can focus on anything and if I read at night I have to stop for sleep so I don’t get to read as much.

Libraries or bookstores?

Amanda– Libraries, because they’re still there to support my addiction even when I’m poor.

Antonia– Both. For places that both hold shelves and shelves of books they have such different feels to them.

Books that make you laugh or cry? 

Amanda– Laugh for sure. These days I cry at literally everything because pregnancy hormones are no joke so I’d rather laugh than cry even more.

Antonia– Definitely laugh. I get way too overemotional when books make me cry.

Black or white book covers?

Amanda– Black book covers. White ones get dirty and icky too quickly.

Antonia– Black. ^Amanda’s so smart.

Character driven or plot driven?

Amanda– A story is nothing without its characters.

Antonia– Ahhh! What kind of question is this? They’re both so important. I have to pick both. I love amazing, well-rounded characters but I also love complex, intricate plots.

That’s all we have for today’s tag bookworms!

I’m going to tag –

Danielle at YAAllegience

Alana at The Bookish Chick

Ashley at Thrifty Bibliophile

To participate in this fun tag if they feel like it!

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