Reader’s Ravings – Being Interrupted

As someone who considers books a huge part of my life, I’ve come to learn that I have some pet peeves when I read. Today I’m going to rave about reading in public and things that happen when I read anywhere other than my house. When I’m reading a new book I have a tendency to get sucked in very quickly no matter what the book’s about or how good it is. Once I’ve started reading DON’T interrupt me. This is something that happens to me on a daily basis and I can’t stand it.

I work full time in retail. So every day I get a 45 minute lunch break. Every day I read while I’m on my lunch break. I used to be a smoker and when I would walk through my store to my car I would read the whole time in an attempt to make it obvious I was currently on break. Every day on my walk from the break room to my car customers would still stop me and say, “Oh, are you on break?” OBVIOUSLY I’M ON BREAK! I’M WALKING AROUND WITH A BOOK PRETTY MUCH TOUCHING MY NOSE! I DON’T WALK AROUND READING ALL DAY AT WORK! So I’d have to stop reading and take time to answer whatever question they had for me.

When I quit smoking I was excited to be able to sit in the break room and spend an uninterrupted 45 minutes with my book. I was very wrong in this assumption. Instead of customers interrupting the short time I got to spend with my book it turned into my fellow associates interrupting me. “What are you reading? Is it good? Have you read INSERT ANY BOOK HERE?” So, in an attempt to discourage my coworkers from asking me questions and stealing my precious book reading time I started to bring my headphones to work and listen to music while I read. The headphones are very easy to see, so you would think that people would assume I cannot hear them while I have them in.

Once again, I was wrong. Now what I deal with on a daily basis is my coworkers having complete conversations with me without me hearing any of it. Once they realize I can’t hear them/ I’m not listening to them, they make a point to get my attention and repeat everything they just said. So I have to stop reading and take out my headphones to have a conversation with them or else I will come off as rude or in a bad mood. Generally when they’re done with whatever they wanted to say to me they start with the usual questions. “What are you reading? Is it good?” OBVIOUSLY IT’S GOOD IF I’M READING IT! I’m someone that really hates being interrupted while I’m reading. You want to know if it’s a good book? Well so do I, so please shut up and let me freaking read it! When I’m interrupted I always end up having to go back a page and reread so I can make sure I didn’t miss anything while my coworkers babbled to me about nothing instead of leaving me in peace with my book. It’s even worse when it’s a book I’ve been dying to read, something that’s been recently released, I’d like to know for myself if it’s good so please kindly leave me alone with my book and I’ll let you know if it’s good when I’ve finished it.

Being interrupted while I’m reading is something that really bothers me. If it’s obvious that I’m reading why do people feel the need to badger me with questions about what I’m reading? I think my immediate irritation when interrupted comes from my childhood. My siblings are not readers of any sort. So when I wanted to read and they wanted to hangout they would take my book and hide it from me so I had no choice but to spend time with them. They don’t do this anymore thank god. I’d probably kill them now.

It doesn’t matter where I am when I read, if I’m in the public of any kind someone always has to come up to me and ask what I’m reading. It bothers me probably more than it should. I think that’s because I know whoever’s asking will probably never read the book that I’m reading. Am I alone in my irritation of being interrupted while I read? Am I totally irrational for getting upset when my reading is disturbed? Does anyone else get as annoyed as I do? I’d love to know the thoughts of others about being interrupted while they’re reading, so comment away readers!

Keep on reading lovelys, Amanda.

2 thoughts on “Reader’s Ravings – Being Interrupted

  1. You are not alone! I found a quite place outside my work that I can sit and eat and read without being asked what my book is about etc… None of my co-workers love to read they just ask to be “polite” but it’s not polite it’s just annoying, we all know you don’t care about whatever I’m reading and will just zone out if I actually start telling you about it so why bother? 🙄 it’s worst waiting for transport or just being in public and having random people make strange comments like “oh nearly finished?” “It seems like your really into that” if it looks like I’m concentrating why break my concentration! When someone asks what I’m reading now I just hold the book up so they can see the title and then go back to reading, it seems to discourage them haha!😂👌🏻

    • I have quite a few coworkers that i trade books back and forth with because they do like to read. So they usually are interested, just wait until I’m finished to ask how it was! lol.

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