The Call of the Forgotten – Julie Kagawa

Hi, lovelies! I am reposting this review because I read the first two in the Call of the Forgotten series before the third one was released. In anticipation for The Iron Raven, I reread all of the Iron Fey books, including the two I reviewed back in 2014. I think my reviews are mostly still accurate, and I thought I would just add my review for the third book here and update this post since I’ve just read the third book for the first time in 2021. So, I’ve left everything from the original post and I’ll just be adding my newest review at the bottom. 

Hey there readers, I seem to be on a Julie Kagawa kick. I visited the library with Antonia on Wednesday to get the fourth book in The Iron Fey series, The Iron Knight. While getting this book I found The Call of the Forgotten books. After finishing The Iron Fey books I couldn’t help but immediately start The Lost Prince. My lack of self-control when it comes to books kept me up until five in the morning this morning finishing The Iron Traitor. So, like The Iron Fey Series, I’ll be reviewing these two books together.

The Lost Prince – Book One

Don’t look at Them. Never let Them know you can see Them.
That is Ethan Chase’s unbreakable rule. Until the fey he avoids at all costs-including his reputation-begin to disappear, and Ethan is attacked. Now he must change the rules to protect his family. To save a girl he never thought he’d dare fall for.
Ethan thought he had protected himself from his older sister’s world-the land of Faery. His previous time in the Iron Realm left him with nothing but fear and disgust for the world Meghan Chase has made her home, a land of myth and talking cats, of magic and seductive enemies. But when destiny comes for Ethan, there is no escape from a danger long, long forgotten.
I loved this book. I loved almost everything about it. The Lost Prince was fast-paced, exciting and full of fun surprises. The prince may be lost, but my interest was certainly not. Kagawa has a way of making these characters and their world become ridiculously important to me. The way she writes, I can see the world she’s showing me perfectly. I loved seeing all the places these characters traveled to during their adventures.
Ethan Chase is more like his sister then he’d like to admit. He’s stubborn and determined. But unlike Meghan, he’s determined to keep anything fey out of his life. He fails at keeping himself out of it of course and the more involved he finds himself the more he starts to understand his sister’s choices. One of the things I really didn’t like about this book was Ethan’s feelings toward his sister and Ash. He resented his sister for leaving their family for the fey and Ash for taking her away. I just wanted Ethan to love them as much as I do. I really can’t blame him for being upset with Meghan, I’d be pissed at her too if I were him. Ethan was an awesome main character. Being able to see his point of view and how he was affected by the fey, more than ten years after the first series was really interesting.
Keirran was another very interesting character. The son of The Iron Queen and the former Winter Prince, he’s a very unique being. There are a number of unanswered questions surrounding Keirran, some that even he doesn’t know the answers to. I think this definitely added a bit of suspense and wondering to the book. I absolutely adored Keirran. The product of two of my favorite characters, he was perfect. The stubbornness of both his parents, with Meghan’s curiosity and her knack for getting into trouble helps cause some crazy adventures.
The relationship that forms between Ethan and Keirran, Uncle and Nephew, was one that I really enjoyed following. They remind me quite a bit of Ash and Puck, always causing trouble, managing to get into situations they shouldn’t. Reading the pair’s interactions were probably my second favorite thing about this book.
My favorite thing about this book was Mackenzie St. James. Kenzie added so much humor to this story. She also added a bit of romance and a surprise or two. Kenzie, like all the other characters, is insanely stubborn. She does what she wants and doesn’t let anyone get in her way. She handles herself very well, never really freaking out about what is going on around her. She’s strong and craves adventure, an adventure that Ethan gives her. In the process of the adventures and chaos the two fall in love. Kenzie and Ethan are completely perfect for one another. They help and support each other. The two are so cute and innocent, which was something I liked a lot. The innocence of the relationship among all the danger and saving the world was a great part of the story.
The Lost Prince was a fantastic start to this new aspect of The Iron Fey world.

The Iron Traitor – Book Two

After his unexpected journey into the lands of the fey, Ethan Chase just wants to get back to normal. Well, as “normal” as you can when you see faeries every day of your life. Suddenly the former loner with the bad reputation has someone to try for-his girlfriend, Kenzie. Never mind that he’s forbidden to see her again. But when your name is Ethan Chase and sister is one of the most powerful faeries in the Nevernever, “normal” simply isn’t to be. For Ethan’s nephew, Keirran, is missing, and may be on the verge of doing something unthinkable in the name of saving his own love. Something that will fracture the human and faery worlds forever, and give rise to the dangerous fey known as the Forgotten. As Ethan’s and Kierran’s fates intertwine and Keirran slips further into darkness, Ethan’s next choice may decide the fate of them all.
Okay, I’m done freaking out…for now. The Iron Traitor was a bit more chaotic than the first book. We were never sure what was actually going on. There are so many secrets that haven’t come into play yet. Though some of the characters know that others are hiding something, what’s being hidden has not been figured out yet. I have suspicions that I’m not going to like it, and it’s going to be traumatizing and heartbreaking.
This book was much like the others with its beautiful descriptions and seeing places that aren’t real. The uniqueness of these stories just keeps going. Keirran, the son of the Iron Queen and former Winter Prince, has a larger part in this story than the first. Ethan and Kenzie spend most of this book tagging along after Keirran trying to help him in any way they can. Keirran, much like his father, is trying to find any way to keep his love from fading away. In the end, it seems that this mission will be his undoing.
In the second book, Ethan has grown a bit more accustomed to having some of the fey be a positive part of his life, rather than hating them all. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still not a big fan of the fey, but he’s getting used to the idea that they’re not all bad. I really enjoyed following Ethan as he grew to understand his sister more and resented her less. I liked Ethan way more in this book. He showed more of who he really was. He opened himself up to Kenzie as well as us readers. He always made sure he did the right thing the best he could. He did everything he could to protect his family. Ethan, much like Meghan, was a very admirable character.
Kenzie doesn’t change as much as the other characters in The Iron Traitor. She’s still the same stubborn, pushy, passionate girl that craves adventure. Something that I really liked about Kenzie was that even though she’s a pushy loudmouth, she knows when she needs to keep her mouth shut. She is absolutely not a stupid girl. She’s actually quite clever. Like me, she’s almost always prepared or tries to be even when she’s not sure what situation they’ve gotten themselves into. I also really enjoyed watching Ethan and Kenzie’s relationship grow as the pair became more confident in their relationship. They are absolutely the cutest couple ever and I love them.
Although The Iron Traitor was not as good as The Lost Prince, it was still a thrilling read filled with action adventure and romance.

The Iron Warrior – Book Three

Waking after a month on the brink of death, Ethan Chase is stunned to learn that the Veil that conceals the fey from human sight was temporarily torn away. Although humankind’s glimpse of the world of Faery lasted just a brief moment, the human world has been cast into chaos, and the emotion and glamour produced by fear and wonder has renewed the tremendous power of the Forgotten Queen. Now, she is at the forefront of an uprising against the courts of Summer and Winter—a reckoning that will have cataclysmic effects on the Nevernever.
Leading the Lady’s Forgotten Army is Keirran himself: Ethan’s nephew, and the traitor son of the Iron Queen, Meghan Chase. To stop Keirran, Ethan must disobey his sister once again as he and his girlfriend, Kenzie, search for answers long forgotten. In the face of unprecedented evil and unfathomable power, Ethan’s enemies must become his allies, and the world of the fey will be changed forevermore.
The Iron Warrior (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten, #3)Review:
The Iron Warrior is the third and final book of the Call of the Forgotten series. For some reason, I never got around to reading it, but with the upcoming release of The Iron Raven, I knew I wanted to reread the whole series before jumping into the new one. I’m adding this review to the one I already have of the first two books so that the whole series is together but I want to mention I wrote my reviews for the first two books in 2014 and it’s now 2021 when I’m writing this for the third book. I feel pretty similarly to what i wrote in my reviews about the first two books in the series so I’m not going to change them. Now, onto the third book, The Iron Warrior.
Our main character, Ethan, has grown so much in this story. He’s gone from an angry teen, unable to work through his feelings toward his sister and her Fey family. But in The Iron Warrior, he really works through that anger and realizes that he can get over his anger and just love his family, all of them. Ethan’s growth was definitely one of the best parts of this series. He gets over his prejudices against Faery, and realizes that not everything Fey is bad, that some magic can be helpful. I really liked Ethan. He made choices that he knew he probably shouldn’t, but it was for his family.
Kenzie pretty much didn’t change at all during the series. She’s stubborn and fiery and I loved her. She pushes Ethan when he needs it. She was a big part of all of his growth. She supported him in his choices and helped him make the best choices possible. I loved their romance.
Then there’s Kierran. His storyline was the most complex. He’s gone down a dark path and it was fascinating to see the lengths he would go to save the faery he loved. Getting to see him come back from that path was such a wild ride and I really enjoyed it.
I do want to say that I really liked seeing the original gang in this series, but I really appreciated that their presence didn’t overwhelm the story. Ethan wasn’t there just to follow the orders of the Iron Queen. He played his own role in the events of the book, an important one. I loved seeing them, but I was glad that they didn’t overtake the story.
Overall, I think Kagawa has written a wonderful series full of characters that are easy to love. Though there was one thing that bothered me. There are creatures that we see in the Call of the Forgotten series that we saw in the original Iron Fey, creatures that Ash, Puck, and Meghan struggled to defeat. It seemed a little unbelievable that Ethan and Kierran defeated these creatures with similar difficulty as the original trio. Aside from that, I really enjoyed this series. I think any that loves fantasy involving the Fey should pick up the Iron Fey books. They’re filled with compelling myths and tales. A series I’d definitely recommend.

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

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