Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George

When a great white bear promises a young girl-known simply as “the lass”-untold riches in return for accompanying him to his castle, she jumps at the chance. And even though she’s offered every luxury at its ice palace, she begins to feel like a prisoner. Then the servants start disappearing, and it becomes clear that something sinister is lurking nearby. Determined to learn the truth, the lass must set out on a grueling, windswept quest to save the man she loves.

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow was a good book to just sit down and read the whole thing. I really liked how this book was written almost like a fairy tale. Antonia actually got me to read this book. I was in the process of moving and needed a book to read because all mine were packed away. I’m really glad she had me read this. It was a wonderful story. I loved almost everyone in this book.
At the start of this book, I felt really bad for the lass. Her mother didn’t even give her a name when she was born. I wasn’t a fan of the lass’s mother. She was never happy with anything she had. She always wanted more. I think she expected too much from her children. Regardless of her negative mother, the lass was a great character. She’s determined and smart. I really liked how independent the lass is. She makes her own choices, within reason. What I liked best about the lass was that everything she did was to try and help her family and others in her life. All she tried to do throughout this book was to help other people.
One of my favorite parts of Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow was the relationship the lass had with her brother Hans Peter. You can tell that Hans Peter is keeping a secret. Hans Peter is the only one that really spends time with the lass. I wish I could have a close relationship with my brother like these two have. The other relationship I loved reading about was with the lass’s pet wolf, Rollo. He was the funniest character in the book. He always had something witty to say. Rollo tried to be the reasonable one of the pair. I loved the interaction between the lass and Rollo. I think that’s mostly because I think Rollo is exactly how I’d imagine a pet wolf would behave.
Something that would have made me like this book, even more, would be for the isbjorn to have a bigger role. I would have liked to get to know the lass’s prince a bit better. As for the other characters that were stuck in the ice palace, there were a few I didn’t care for. For the most part, all the servants in the palace were all characters I liked. As for the palace itself, I wish I could live somewhere that beautiful. Without the evil princess part of it all of course.
Overall this was a really fun book to read. I would recommend it to anyone who wants something quick and fun to read, or anyone that likes fairy tale stories.

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

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One thought on “Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George

  1. I really loved this book too… my only let down was at the end when you learn her real name… it’s kind of a let down… though I don’t know what I really expected… I think she should’ve left the reader wondering you know… but altogether it was wonderful…

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