Carrie – Stephen King

Carrie may be picked on by her classmates, but she has a gift. She can move things with her mind. Doors lock. Candles fall. This is her power and her problem. Then, an act of kindness, as spontaneous as the vicious taunts of her classmates, offers Carrie a chance to be a normal…until an unexpected cruelty turns her gift into a weapon of horror and destruction that no one will ever forget.
Okay, so my boyfriend bought me this book as one of my Christmas gifts. He likes Stephen King books and movies, and I’d never read anything by him before. It took a couple days for me to actually pick it up and start reading. Once I did, I was intrigued to see where the book was going to go. The first opinion I had about Carrie was that it was very weird. It was written set in the sixties and seventies, so things were a bit different then. The kids Carrie went to school with were cruel and selfish. After I decided it was a weird book I just wanted to know what had happened. Where was this story going? It was one of the most suspenseful books I’ve read. Once I started reading I didn’t want to stop until I finished.
Something I really liked about Carrie was the way that it was written. It has excerpts from books written, news articles, scientists reports, police reports about the events that took place almost as chapter intros. The story was also told from several peoples points of view. This I enjoyed because I was getting the whole story from all of the different angles. I get to read the other character’s stories unfold as well. I also really enjoyed the description. There wasn’t an overbearing amount. King gave me just enough to see everything clearly. Carrie was not a very long book, but it took me longer than expected to finish it. I think it’s because it was such a strange book. It’s not my usual genre of books, but it was good for me to branch out and read new things.
Now we come to Carrie and the rest of the gang. Carrie, the poor girl, is really just a weird, socially awkward girl that happens to be able to move things with her mind. Someone that should not be fucked with. Apparently, her classmates didn’t catch onto that. Carrie just wanted to fit in. In comes Carrie’s mother, who is frighteningly religious and very controlling of Carrie’s every move. I think most of the reason Carrie is so strange is that her mother and how she was raised. Constantly having to watch what you say, or do, or wear, or think to prevent getting beaten and thrown in a closet. I’d be just as screwed up in the head as Carrie. Except she’s telekinetic, so she can fuck shit up. So, Carrie’s classmates are awful to her because she’s weird and kids are cruel and terrible. They treat her like shit all the time, at one point throwing tampons at her while in the gym locker room. There is one girl, Sue, who follows the group, in the beginning, then grows conscious. Sue was a really genuine character, I just wish it had made a difference. Then there’s Chris. I hate her. She causes every problem with Carrie. Chris is the rich, popular, head bitch kind of girl. Everyone follows her lead because they’re supposed to. Because she’s rich girl that gets what she wants. She is just a mean girl.
As a whole, I did really like this book. It was weird and not my usual cup of tea. But I enjoyed it. It was suspenseful and exciting and very well written. I would definitely suggest Carrie to anyone who likes books filled with action.

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

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