Heaven – Alexandra Adornetto

The angel Bethany and her mortal love, Xavier, have already pushed the boundaries of Heaven with their relationship. In this conclusion to the Halo trilogy, the two take their love to the next, forbidden, step: They marry.
At the time when they believe nothing will come between them again, they are faced with the most daunting challenge yet: the Sevens, a military order of angels designed to maintain the balance in the universe. These soldiers won’t stop until their job is done-capture the wayward angel and send her home.
Secrets, exile, and unexpected allies flavor the rest of this intense love story and adventure.
Beth discovers there is only one way back to Earth, but the cost is higher thank she-and readers-ever imagined. If she can survive, she can prove to Heaven and Earth that there is nothing stronger than the power of love.
I’ve had a difficult time trying to write a review for this book because so much happens so this review might not be my best. Just bear with me, please! This book starts off right where the second, Hades, ended. Which I enjoyed. The theme of this book, in my opinion, is love and sacrifice. Heaven, like the first two, kept me on my toes and wouldn’t let me stop reading until I was finished. My favorite part about this book is how pure and innocent Beth and Xavier’s love is. All the couple wants is to be together. Because they’re “not supposed to be together” the Seven, basically Heaven’s military gone rogue, chases them down, and does a lot of damage on Earth. Things are very chaotic in this book, but hey, isn’t that what keeps it exciting? Another thing I seriously loved about this book is how much Gabriel shows his feelings. He shows how much he really cares about Beth by sacrificing the two things that mean the most to him. Ivy also makes a huge sacrifice for Beth and Xavier’s love. By the end of Heaven, you can very clearly see the depth of the characters love for one another.
This trilogy was amazing. I read all three in under a week. And once I started each book, I couldn’t put them down until I was finished. I definitely plan on reading these again in the future. And I suggest that you, yes you reader, go out and buy them, or go to the library and borrow them so that you can fall in love with these three books as well.

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

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